Sports Headphones In A Headband For Exercise & Running

  • Keep your earphones in place and the sweat out of your face!
  • Non intrusive technology allows users to stay safe & in touch with their surroundings.
  • The only Sport Headphones to keep you cool dry and comfortable.

STAY AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS wear them above your ears, so they don't block your hearing!!

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Tune your performance. Exercise, Run,
Relax & "Wear the Music" with HVLO Headphones

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  • We offer a range of uniquely designed headphones that are super comfortable & they don't fall off. Their non-intrusive design and high-tech fabrics makes them perfect for many applications including SPORT, SLEEP & TRAVEL.

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    Halo Headphones do not have the hard and bulky plastic casing of traditional headphones, and they do not fall out easily, like ear-bud earphones. A popular sleep aid because they are unbelievably comfortable! Fall asleep positioned on your side or back, with Halo's non intrusive design, you'll forget they are there!

    Lightweight & breathable, Soft natural comfort, Easy to align over your ears, suitable for heads of all shapes & sizes.


    A choice of more than 30 different colors & styles


    Delivery time Internationally, 7-10 Business days
    Shipping $3
    Soft, Natural Comfort
    Improves Circulation
    Colour: Red
    Fabric: Liquid Titanium
    Size: One size fits all, Wide Band


    Bicep Pocket for iPhone by ActiVibe.


    A fast, simple way to wear your phone. Easy to access & super-comfortable for long runs. Sweat & Rain resistant, with a double PVC layer to keep your technology safe. Made from Sorbtek, a washable, moisture management fabric, keeps you cool, dry & comfortable. Multiple pockets for keys & credit cards. Fits most phones incl. iPhone, iPod & MP3. Avoid traditional ugly bulky velcro arm-straps with this streamlined design. A stylin' pocket on the go, anywhere, anytime.

    THEY WEAR THE MUSIC - What people say about HVLO Headphones

    Where these headphones really come into their own is when your out running. There are a lot of other 'sports type' headphones and i have spent a small fortune trying to get a pair to stay in my ears or not move around.....problem solved with the HVLO. I was actually really impressed with the sound quality too.

    ~ Heather S., Melbourne
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